⛰【景点攻略】 📍详细地址:位于北非国家摩洛哥西北部的一座城市 🚗交通攻略:国内飞机未开通直达,可通过北京、上海、广州飞往摩洛哥首都拉巴特或者卡萨布兰卡,中途都需要在巴黎转机 🌟亮点特色: 我心目中的12个最美小镇之一:Chefchaouen. 舍夫沙万,北非摩洛哥北部的小镇,与希腊的圣托里尼,突尼斯的西迪布萨义德并陈世界三大蓝色小镇。 舍夫沙万的蓝,是那么的恣意奔放,那么的淋漓尽致。试问天空是否降下了蓝色的颜料,把整個山城都染成了蓝色?每扇门,每道窗,每個转角,每个阶梯又呈现出不同的层次。如果说一定要让我从12个最美小镇里选3个出来,我一定会选择舍夫沙万。 📌小Tips:这里因为地处北非,跨海就是西班牙,所以有很多南欧的人到这里来购买DM。一个当地的混混问我是否愿意购买,被拒绝之后竟然对我恶语相向[难过] 💰门票价格:免费 😊英文:Our travels lead us to Chefchaouen, known colloquially as the blue pearl of Northern Africa. Each corner of the town was painted varying shades of a vibrant blue. No doubt a staple in travel catalogues and travel bucket lists, in person the sight was even more breathtaking than I could have ever imagined. Each building, wall, and step was part of the lively architectural sea that gave the town an unreal look. The peaceful town was an oasis for the weary traveler. The blue of the city walls is a popular subject of interest. Though not definitely known, some suggest the blue may be to ward off mosquitos. Other suggests it symbolizes a spiritual reminder of the sky and heaven. Either way, the otherworldly look of the town makes it an incredibly memorable city. To get here, we first travelled out of the Sahara desert, drove eight hours to Fes, then took the bus for another five hours to arrive at Chefchaouen. When we initially arrived, it was already late in the day and according to local weather forecasts it would be raining for the next few days. I knew that our only chance to get some clear shots of the magnificent cityscape and sunset would be today, but the hike to the views overlooking the city took much longer than expected. But finally our tireless journey allotted us the breathtaking panoramic view of the city near a Spanish Chapel. Later, while strolling and exploring the city, the sweet accompaniment of music followed us. A young girl was sitting on the city wall playing her bard. The colorfulness of the city resided not only in the physical blue hues but also in the fascinating people and history we experienced during our short stay in Chefchaouen. This city remains one of the favorite places I’ve visited to this day. So beautiful blue so satisfied!

目的地: 舍夫沙万
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